Fringe Benefits. Do fringes suit everyone?

Do all fringes suit all people? No. Not all fringes are created equal, but when you find that fringe that fits your face perfectly – it has the power to take on its own personality and bring something out in you that you didn’t even know you were hiding. They […]

Everything you need to know about going blonde

Blonde hair

How many times have you sat in the hairdresser’s chair and had no clue how to describe the blonde you want? What going blonde means to you, may mean something completely different to someone else. For instance, Marilyn Monroe’s famous blonde locks are a world away in colour from Elizabeth […]

Data Protection & Privacy Policy


Data Protection & Privacy Policy   This privacy notice explains how Blue Hairdressing looks after personal information you give us or that we learn by having you as a client and the choices you make about marketing communications you agree we may send you.  This notice explains how we do […]

A quick guide to the latest hair colouring terminology

Hair colour

Balayage, ombre, foilyage, there’s so many of these new hair colouring terms that it’s hard to keep up with them all, and what the heck they even mean! One says ombre the other thinks sombre, it can all be very confusing.   We’re here with a short guide aimed at […]